Sailing on the SKYTHIA

The SKYTHIA is a sailing ship, which it only three times exist in this form in the world. Not only the two to the deck inclined masts, the special status of the sail and the exceptional rigging let a sailing trip on the SKYTHIA to a very special experience. The story behind this vessel, impressed and gives the SKYTHIA its own special charm. Who a little concerned with the sailing, has already heard of the oldest sports trophy in the world, the American Cup. The schooner yacht "America" ​​won in 1851 the legendary "One Hundred Sovereigns Cup", which was later renamed the "Americas Cup". The "America" ​​was the first winner who did not come from England and won with such a large margin that the Queen Victoria, as she poses the question of who Unless Second, was the legendary reply: "There is no second, your Majesty ". The SKYTHIA, a replica of the "America", this legendary sailing ship lives on.
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