Maritime Events

Experience an unforgettable day on the SKYTHIA during a major maritime events in northern Germany - a very special experience. Exciting races, impressive windjammer parades and nightly fireworks provide an impressive backdrop. Take advantage of the scenery and spend with clients or employees an exceptional day on the water. Join the inlet and outlet parades, watch the races, which take place mostly under numerous participation of Olympic champions and world champions, or finish the day with a relaxed evening event exclusive. We look forward to your request and plan gladly work with you to your unforgettable sailing event on the Scythia.
The SKYTHIA will join at the following major events, in the ranks of classic sailing yachts and the most beautiful tall ships:



Wismar Harbour Days 12. -14. June 2015

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Kieler Woche 20. - 28. June 2015

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-> Specials - Kieler Woche - boat tours for individual bookings and groups - SKYTHIA

Warnemünde Week 4. - 12. July 2015

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-> Program - regatta accompanying cruises - SKYTHIA

Hanse Sail Rostock 6. - 9. August 2015

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