Wismar Harbour

"Ahoy in Wismar Harbour!" - The new homeport of SKYTHIA welcomes you!

In the midst of Wismar port area - the Old Port - the SKYTHIA is moored at its quays from June 2015. The historic Old Port comes from the era before the start of the industrial age. He is no longer commercially important, instead it represents one of the most attractive places of Wismar for locals as well as tourists are.


In Wismar there are several marinas. The Old Port since 1000 years ago serves as a berth. Today, moored yachts, fishing boats and passenger ships of various shipping companies. With a little luck you can see here also the one or other tall ships, as well as some cruise giants.

Wismar is a Hanseatic city in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea. It lies at the southern tip of the protected by the island of Poel Wismarerbucht - the southernmost point of the Baltic Sea.

Only about 300 meters from the berth of SKYTHIA there is a public car park which can be used by our guests. And who does not know Wismar and before or after the cruise has a little time, this should be used to explore the Hanseatic city - because Wismar has a lot worth seeing to offer. Whether the historic old town (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the carefully restored town houses, the only species Marktplatz (10,000 m² - the largest in Northern Germany) with the Wismar water art or the monuments of brick gothic.


Wismar is also evident today as typical Hanseatic town and impresses its visitors every time again. A variety of cozy places to the port completes the picture yet.

Right in the middle of things - we are also at the annual Harbour Festival Wismar (12-06.14.2015). Celebrated the commemoration of the 17.06.1991, the date on which the port again became the property of the city of Wismar here. For festival-atmosphere around the harbor and imposing boats on the water to celebrate the 44,000 inhabitants of Wismar with thousands of tourists that day.



Landmark TREEHOUSE - here you will find the SKYTHIA

Right on the old port in Wismar is erected about in the first half of the 18th century treehouse. From the tree house earlier the port was closed at night or in imminent danger. To this end, a chain was before the harbor entrance drawn to unauthorized ships to deny the landing dock. This task had the so-called Bohmschlüter who were housed in the tree house and on land served the turnpike. Hence, the name Tree House.

If you want to learn more about sailing in the SKYTHIA, you call us and let us discuss possible Tour schedule and all the details. If you are able to come over, we'll show you also like the ship.