Replica of the famous yacht America

The special thing about the SKYTHIA is the faithful sailing pleasure of a classic yacht. The sailors of SKYTHIA be transported back to the year 1851 when the legendary America's invitation from England following took part in the famous One Hundred Sovereign Cup around Isle of Wight.

Queen Victoria watched on August 22, 1851 at 20:37 the finish of America and asked curiously who for now is second. The answer as simple as true:
"Ah, Your Majesty, there is no second."

The trophy, which took the Americans now home was given to the New York Yacht Club later than Americas Cup. The club received the support to handle the trophy as trophy and that sailing teams from other nations can challenge him. Until the victory of the Swiss Alinghi the Cup could be defended by the New York Yacht Club. Today, the America's Cup is the oldest Sporttrophähe the world. To date, there are three copies of the single winner, the Skythia their model most resembles and its sailors a purist though romantic sailing experience offers.


SKYTHIA - the legend lives on

The history of SKYTHIA itself is quickly told. In 2005, she was completed by Bulgarian boatbuilders in the small port town of Varna on the Black Sea. As a private yacht of the local shipyard owner should up off the coast of Bulgaria and abkreuzen. But only two years later it was sold to a sail enthusiastic hotelier from Austria and sailed on a multi-week tour in the new home port of Rostock.

Nachbau der legendären Yacht America
Skythia – die Legende lebt
Skythia heute